Rehabilitative Options Brochure

Create a 6-panel brochure with between 250 – 350 discussing treatment options for adjudicated juveniles. Address the following:

  • Individual level treatment
  • Group programs
  • Graduated sanctions
  • Probation
  • Compare inpatient and outpatient services

this is a team assignment so the below is what parts are assigned. Please put together brochure but only do part listed as


  • Individual level treatment (Noel) 1 slide
  • Group programs (Brandie) 1 slide
  • Graduated sanctions (Debbie) 1 slide
  • Probation (CHALYNE) 1-2 slides with references citations in speaker notes which will differ from slide info. 
  • Compare inpatient and outpatient services (Kizzy)

2 references

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