Reflecting and Acting Assignment

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Write an open letter or letter to the editor (choose an appropriate publisher) in which you take a stance on an ethical issue in sports. The letter should be one or two pages, single-spaced, 12-point font. It should include a header and a signature-line (8-point penalty, if missing).

There should be four paragraphs in the letter (but do not use paragraph headings):

1. The Issue: a clear statement of the issue including why it is an ethical issue (recalling that ethics deal with considered beliefs on how a person should live; what kind of morals we should have).

2. The Principle: articulate and defend a moral principle (e.g., basic human equality, the right to liberty, etc.) that constitutes the issue; that is, underline the ethical reasoning that makes The Issue an issue.

3. The Research: succinctly synthesize peer-reviewed research on the issue and explain its relevance. Provide formal citations to the literature in footnotes.

4. The Call to Action: synthesize the issue, the principle, and the research and make a specific call to action; i.e., call upon others to do something

about the issue.

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