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Extra Credit: Babel or Crash

Ethics Students, here’s an extra credit project you can do — watch a movie (and include your friends while you do it). Seriously, I’m giving you extra credit if you watch either “Babel” or “Crash” and write a short 1 page reflection on what you “take away” from the movie. Both are about human relationships and the tendency to talk “past each other” rather than “with each other.” They are both on my top 10 list of movies and I think you’ll enjoy them, as well as learn a great deal from them. Watch it with your family or friends. It will spark a lot of “food for thought.” Both are available on Netflix, as well as other internet rental options. You can choose either one (or both if you really want). Have fun!


Please choose one of these movies and write about it.

Please avoid plagiarism, and make it simple.

Use APA format..

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