reaction paper on italian s social institutions

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We have previously discussed ways in which that politics seems to invade social, economic, and private lives. Yet in the Italian context, it would also seem that one’s social groups also have a role in the political life of Italians.

a-What role do (one or many) social organizations have in Italian politics? Include examples

b-Has this role changed over time? Why?

c-Do social organization(s) serve as an alternative source of legitimacy for those lacking trust in political institutions or simply reinforce the high levels of distrust that characterizes Italians?

***3 Pages long ***

  • 2-3 sources expected per response; you need not go beyond assigned readings.
    • Please use (parenthetical) or footnote citations for sources; you may use the last-name or title as presented in the syllabus
    • If you are using additional sources, please cite these sources at the end
  • Your response should flow as a single answer so outline your responses before

Each question has ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ sub portions. You may optionally indicate where you are responding to each sub-portion. You may also optionally use bold, italic, or underline key responses (as I have done in the prompts). Neither are mandatory.

I should get the recourses and the info from these readings and i need 2 or 3 reference from the readings


1-Chiara Saraceno (2004) The Italian family from the 1960s …, Modern Italy, 9:1, 47-57

2-PiE; 4.1 (Context of Italian Politics: Religion, Education, Political Culture): p. 330-335

3-The Politics of Italy_ Governance in a Normal Country; 6 The Church: 202-207

4-The Politics of Italy_ Governance in a Normal Country: 5 Political Culture and Behaviour: 145-176 {skim after 168}

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