RE: SOCW6301 Group Research Designs – Response to 1 Student

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Respond to a colleague’s post by explaining an insight you gained from this week’s Resources that addresses a topic in your colleague’s post. Please use the Learning Resources to support your post.

Response to ALecia

By explaining whether the study is pre-experimental (cross-sectional, one-shot case study, and longitudinal), experimental (control group with pretest and posttest, posttest only, or four-group design), or quasi-experimental (comparing one group to itself at different times or comparing two different groups)

This study examined the predictors of family functioning among a cohort which includes three groups of adoptive families: gay/lesbian, heterosexual, and families who have adopted a child with special needs status (Leung, Erich & Kanenberg, 2005). I believe that this is a quasi-experimental study because there were three groups that were compared to each other for different reasons. It was used as a conceptual framework for assessing family functioning.

By indicating what the researchers report about limitations of the study

Some of the limitations were families that adopt children that have special needs is generally limited to those parents who are heterosexual or assumed to be heterosexual.

By explaining concerns you have regarding internal validity and the ability of the study to draw conclusions about causality

My concern was this study found that when assessing children’s social competencies and behavior problems, it was not possible for the researchers to distinguish between children raised by lesbian mothers and their heterosexual counterparts. The validity that a child raised by one family as opposed to another does not undeniably say one cohort is better than the other. The ability for the study to draw a conclusion was limited because many of these studies only had small samples, no comparison groups or otherwise had weak designs.

By explaining any concerns you have about the generalizability of the study (external validity) and what aspect of the research design might limit generalizability

Please use the resources to support your answer.

Generalizability is a measure of how well a researcher thinks their experimental results from a sample can be extended to the population as a whole. The goal of any research is to generalize to the world at large. These groups do not represent the world at large because preferences of partners are not the same. This study tells us about the group that it did the research on but nothing outside of what they were researching. This doesn’t apply to every family cohort outside the study or everyone in real-world partner preferences and sexuality, you have those families that are pansexual and there was no study on this population. The purpose of this study was to identify factors that may contribute to family functioning in adoptive homosexual families, heterosexual families, and families who adopted children with special needs but the external validity of a larger class is not considered in this study (Leung, Erich & Kanenberg, 2005)


Leung, P., Erich, S., & Kanenberg, H. (2005). A comparison of family functioning in gay/lesbian, heterosexual and special needs adoptions. Children and Youth Services Review, 27(9), 1031–1044.

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