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Could you assist with this post in response to classmate?: (The Art of Forgetting) 150 words we can use their same reference.

Hi Monica, I thought the information about the Cdk5 enzyme was a very important aspect of understanding what causes us to remember fearful or traumatic events.  Researchers are trying to find a way to block the enzyme, so it removes painful memories.  Although, this would be a psychological breakthrough and I am sure would be helpful to a lot of people, I can only wonder how safe a medication like that would be.  I am skeptical about synthetic medications because although they seem to help one problem, they always cause other medical problems that are not discovered until people start getting sick or experiencing additional mental problems.  Even medications that have been approved by the FDA cause unforeseen medical or mental health problems that can be life altering and even terminal.  What I would like to be discovered is a form of therapy that allows us to control without medications the emotions we wish to forget.  For example, the video Feats of memory anyone can do talked about how we could enhance our abilities to remember things we wanted to remember. Are there any studies on understanding what enzyme if there is one that causes us to forget, and how we can naturally manipulate it, so that we have more control and a choice in what we forget?


Delete: The art of forgetting [Video file]. (2011). In Films On Demand. Retrieved June 7, 2015, from

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