Rape?Sexual Assaults and Hate Crimes

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  • Period 4 Introduction

    When discussing rape and sexual assaults, patterns of these crimes and characteristics of victims/offenders/offenses are comprehensively examined. Theories that employed in explanation of these crimes are important and you may want to study them attentively. Finally, Typology of rapists is another focus of your study in chapter 6. The differences and similarities of the types of rapists are important for your understanding of sexual assaults. Without the understanding, the control of sexual assaults will NOT be possible. Finally, the ways these theories applied in sexual assaults may be new to you. It is advised to make sure you understand their key arguments. Prevention and intervention of sexual assaults are mostly developed from these theoretical perspectives. To turn to Hate Crime is a big turn for this week. Hate crime is a relatively new category of crime recognized in our criminal justice system. Levin and McDevitt (1993) identify three major types of hate crimes. The typology provides a framework for learning the problem of this crime. Theories introduced in this chapter are uniquely employed on hate crimes. It may take you some extended time to learn their major arguments. Unlike previous chapters, legislation passed to deal with the hate crime are specifically introduced in this chapter. Moreover, three major types of hate crime laws are introduced (Jacob and Potter, 1997) and each has different functions for important options available to law enforcement and courts. Finally, four major types of federal legislation are introduced in this chapter. In this weekly folder, you will be adding to watch a video of pedophilia. You will write a short paper responding to the video.

  • Chapter 6 PPT Overview_4e

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  • Chapter 7 PPT Overview_4e

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  • Period 4 Commentary

    You may look up the Megan’s Law Web site for your state. Enter a ZIP code and look at two or three profiles of registered sex offenders. What are some of the major pros and cons of this strategy? Does it reduce recidivism by convicted sex offenders once they are released from prison?http://www.nsopw.gov/Core/PublicRegistrySites.aspx With regards to Hate Crime, if you are interested in how law enforcement officers are trained to deal with this crime, you may review the DOJ Training Guide for references.https://www.justice.gov/archive/crs/pubs/hct.pdf

  • Are All Men Pedophiles? BBC 2016 Documentary

    Watch VideoAre All Men Pedophiles? BBC 2016 Documentary – Topic 4 clips 1 of 3
    User: n/a – Added: 8/29/17
    This BAFTA award-winning deals with a subject often whispered but rarely spoken about – the sexual abuse of boys by teachers in Britain’s private schools.

  • Mysteries of the Mind: The Pedophile’s Brain (HD)

    Watch VideoMysteries of the Mind: The Pedophile’s Brain (HD) – Topic 4 clips 2 of 3Duration: (5:26)
    User: The Agenda with Steve Paikin – Added: 1/21/14

  • Meet The Female Pedophile – By ManwomanMyth

    Watch VideoMeet The Female Pedophile – By ManwomanMyth – Period 3 clips 3 of 3Duration: (19:11)
    User: TomLeykis1 – Added: 5/6/15

  • Pedophilia Video Assignment

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