Public address (speech) rewritten and analysis

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This is a two-part assignment.

1. Read attached files . In front of every speech is a commentary giving you some extra background of the speech, speaker, event, and historical significance.

After reading the speech, rewrite the speech in your own language. The intent of this assignment is to help you figure out how to understand speeches. These speeches uses a form of communication that we are not as used to today and so it will take some work to make sure you know what the intent of the speaker was.

2. Now that you have read the speech and put it in a useable format, it is time to analyze what you have read. For this analysis, specifically use the biography of the speaker to help analyze your speeches. This will require some extra research on your part. Find out about your speaker. Their religious denominations and beliefs, their upbringing, as well as where and when they lived all play a part in the content of their speeches.

500 words minimum, MLA format.

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