Psychotherapy Project

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Psychotherapy Project Instructions

Project submission dropbox is below the instructions. This assignment is due by 11:59PM EST on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Students will use one of the theories covered during the semester to conceptualize a character from a film. You will be treating this character as if they are a real person whom you have been able to observe, NOT as a character in a movie.

Case conceptualization is a tool used by psychotherapists to (1) develop a coherent story about the client’s history and how it relates to current problems, (2)communicate with other colleagues and supervisors about cases, and (3) develop systematic plans for therapeutic intervention. The purpose of this exercise is to offer an opportunity for practice with the first two aspects of case conceptualization.

This project will be completed as a minimum of 4 page paper (not including cover/reference pages), double-spaced, 1’ margins, 10-12 point Times New Roman or Helvetica font (APA style-no abstract needed).


Use one of the theories listed below to conceptualize a character from a film/TV series listed below.

You will be treating this character as if they are a real person whom you have been able to observe, NOT as a character in a movie. Using one of the theories discussed in class in its entirety, thoroughly attend to the questions below to conceptualize your character. You will need to identify the character and theory you will be using as part of your introductory paragraph.

Your goal is to use the theory and its concepts, terms, etc. to synthesize a picture of the cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal style of the character. Include, as relevant, the common points of a therapeutic case conceptualization listed below.

Show your understanding of the theory’s concepts by applying them to your character.

Do not neglect your interpretation of how the client came to be who he/she is from the perspective of a particular theory.


Theories you may use:Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Gestalt, Client-Centered, Feminist

Films/series to choose from:

As Good As It Gets
Red Dragon
Groundhog Day
House of Cards
Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
The Soloist
Orange is the New Black
The Wrestler
Mr. Robot
The Walking Dead
Fresh Off the Boat
Batman (Other Superhero movies acceptable)

Your Case Conceptualization should include all of the following (label your sections/paragraphs):

1. Demographic Information: age, gender, race, housing situation, physical appearance, manner of dress, mental status.

2. Presenting problem (main problem for the character in the film or series)

  • apply your theory to explain the problem
  • what triggered the problem
  • how long has the problem endured
  • has this been a problem before? What was it like in the past?

3. Any relevant history that your theory would include

4. Interpersonal Style

  • what are the nature of their relationships? explain using your theory
  • are there tendencies toward polarities (all or nothing) in the way they engage in their world/life? explain using your chosen theory

5. Environmental factors

  • psychosocial stressors (financial, legal, academic, etc)
  • sources of support

6. Treatment recommendation and prognosis applying your chosen theory

  • How would you use your chosen theory to help this person? Be specific in naming techniques and problems you’d apply them to and the expected outcome.
  • What are the challenges this person might come across that prevents them from getting treatment or renders treatment ineffective?

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