Psychology Websites

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  1. Websites – Week 3 Discussion 2 plus 8 more websites
  • Create an annotated list of 10 to 12 reputable, scholarly websites that are relevant to psychological research and practice.
  • Consider the merits of each website. Based on your knowledge of scholarly applications of psychological research, evaluate the use of scholarly applied psychological research and analyze the interpretations that are presented on each site. For information on how to evaluate web resources, visit the Ashford University Library website.
  • The list should be in alphabetical order with each website cited according to APA style as 
outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • The annotations should be four to five sentences long and reflect the relevance and usefulness of 
each website in terms of your topics of psychological research and your professional needs.

Here are 3:

Attached you will find a write up I for a previous assignment in this class regarding these sites, it may all be used towards the assignment.

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