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  • Psychology degree is a must…..Must have excellent reviews…. Please read instructions from professor, if you can do this for me please send me an agreement..Thank You…



    I need help with this paper.. must follow outline of graph which I will attach. Need done by 9:00 PM Central time. Please follow instructions per proffessor  Thank you!!


    Case scenerio.


    Jane and John are brother and sister. They are also fraternal twins. Interestingly, even though they are siblings within the same family—and twins—they react quite differently to their environments. Jane is outgoing and never meets a stranger. She enjoys large gatherings of friends, participates in many extracurricular activities in school, and is a cheerleader and captain of her volleyball team. She loves to travel, meet new people, and experience different cultures. Her twin brother, John, is a quiet and studious young man. He loves to read, and he listens to classical music. His has a small, intimate circle of friends who share the same interests. He is not at all interested in sports. He is captain of his school’s chess team; in fact, his idea of the perfect sporting event is a chess competition. When it comes to travel, he would prefer to stay home—unless he is traveling to a chess competition.



    In this assignment we will compare and contrast biological and behaviorist theories to better understand and demonstrate the differences between this brother and sister.


    To prepare, review the readings for this week.


    Submit by Day 7 a paper that includes the following elements:


    • Compare and contrast biological and behaviorist theories
    • An explanation of the strengths and limitations of each theory
    • Apply the behaviorist theory in explaining the differences in the siblings
    • Apply the biological theory in explaining the differences in the siblings
    • A brief discussion of which approach you think makes the most “sense” and why.
    • Graph included, must follow graft outline


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