psychological issue or stuggle using online computerized program called Eliza

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Your Assignment is to write a 2–3 page paper (400–750 words) based on the following:

Have someone pretend to be a client; this person should be available to participate in several more interviews for Assignments over the entire course. If necessary, you may be the pretend client; however, you will probably find it more valuable if someone else is the client. This individual should identify for himself or herself a psychological issue or struggle to be discussed during his/her participation.

Go to the computerized “therapist” called Eliza found at . Be aware that Eliza and the responses she offers are only meant to give you an idea of how a therapist might respond. Your interaction with her is meant to give you an idea of how someone might respond if they are “required” to follow a certain set of guidelines while conducting therapy.

Have the “client” spend about 15–30 minutes interacting with Eliza. Tell him/her to be sure to use simple sentences. Meanwhile, in a least intrusive manner, you should observe and take notes on the interaction between the client and Eliza, so they are prepared to answer questions when completing the written portion of the Assignment. You should also ask the “client” for feedback on his or her experience of interacting with Eliza.

Note: At this time, you should not further interview the client about his/her psychological issue or struggle. The assignment should be based on the client’s interview with Eliza, and client feedback about interacting with Eliza.

You should then answer the following questions in order to complete the written portion of the Assignment, while also citing at least two (2) scholarly sources:

    1. How was it for the client? Did your client feel listened to by Eliza? Did he or she find that talking to her helped them in terms of their “problem”? Be specific.
    2. Based on what you know so far, what do you think this person’s problem is? What you are looking for at this point is a “lay person’s diagnosis” of your client’s problem.
    3. Based on what you know so far, how would you approach treating this person? What treatment method would you use? You are not expected to know a variety of different therapeutic approaches at this point, but please do your best to be as specific as you possibly can with regard to the recommendations you present. What do you see as the major barriers or resistance (resistance as it specifically relates to therapeutic interventions) to treatment?
    4. Using the text as your main source, what is the definition of Manualized Therapy?
    5. Using the text as your main source, what are the advantages of Manualized Therapy? Disadvantages?
    6. Using the text as your main source, discuss at least two ethical issues that could possibly impact the use of Manualized Therapy.

paper should include:

  • A title page
  • The paper itself (the “discussion”)
  • Correct APA formatting for in-paper cites
  • A references page
  • Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides.
  • Use standard 12-point Times New Roman Font.
  • Use standard double-spacing: 22 lines per page.
  • Use left-aligned text. Do not right-justify.

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