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Short answer questions

1.Why are vectors safer to use than arrays? Explain.

2. What is the difference between function prototype and function signature?

3. What are the pros and cons of binary search?

4. Define the concept growth rate and how it relates to determining the complexity of algorithms.

5. Define the concept of encapsulation.

6, what are the manipulators used for?

7. When would you pass an object as function argument by value?

8. What is the time complexity of the following code block? Justify. for (int i 0; i<N; i++) {

for (int j 0;j<N; j++){





Make it as simple as you can

Coding questions

Write the class declaration and implementation of the class circle that has:

•One private field radius of type integer

•One constructor that takes as argument a radius variable of type integer

•One getter and one setter for radius variable

•One method perimeter() that returns the perimeter of the circle as double which is equal to 2*3.14* radius

•One method area that returns the area of the circle as double which is equal to 3.14* radius


2-write a function that takes as inputs an its size and reverses its content.

array of string and

Method prototype: void reverse(string str[], int size)

•str[] is an array of strings characters, i e. each array item contains a character of the string to be analyzed.

•size is the size of the str array

•If str= {“h”,”e”,”l”,”l”,”o”}, then reverse changes str to be {“o”,”l”,”I”,”e”,”h”}

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