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Raoul Wallenberg

 Throughout history, many individuals have effected positive change in the world. Raoul Wallenberg is an example of people who have risen in time and effected positive change in the society. Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat living in the Nazi occupied Hungary. He led extensive efforts in order to save close to 100,000 Hungarian Jews. Only armed with his knowledge and bravery Wallenberg fought for the Hungarian Jews against the Nazi regime that was taking over the region. His heroic efforts have for long been used for reference in fighting racism. Racism is a big issue in the world and in many cases has been the cause for many deaths. There lacks people brave enough like Wallenberg to fight the crimes in such a manner and inspiring others to live for a better tomorrow. Wallenberg is a peacemaker because he made a lot of efforts to save about 100,000 Hungarian Jews, his only weapons where his knowledge and bravery, and his efforts are used as reference in fighting racism.


 In 1944, the Nazi Regime spread its activity to Hungary. The same had been already spread to other European countries and were in full effect in France and Germany. Jews were killed openly and the survivors enslaved by the Nazis. Wallenberg had learned how the German Nazis operated and knew the ways that he could prevent them from starting their activities in Hungary. Hitler was gaining power and he was targeting Jews across Europe at the time. “There were estimated 700,000 Jews living in Hungary and they became targets of the Nazis” (Borden). Having been in different countries and understanding the effects that the Nazis were causing to the Jews, he decided that he had to step up and ensure that he helped them escape from such tragedies. There were a few people who were interested in the same but chose not to take action as they feared the Nazis.

 There had been many deaths and many displaced people in other countries and Wallenberg feared that the same could spread to Hungary. He was sent with a Swedish delegation to rescue Jews in Hungary to ensure that they were not persecuted by the Nazis and locals who supported them. Wallenberg was more than willing to take the job and ensure that he saved many people. He had experienced the power of the Nazis and knew that if they were not stopped it could lead to the killing of many Jews across Europe. Hungary was not fully affected and therefore could still be saved. He set out on a mission to rescue as many Jews as he could using the diplomatic powers that had been awarded to him by the Hungarian government.

Defining Moment

 Wallenberg had been appointed as a legation secretary of Swedish diplomatic mission in Budapest. His job was to rescue Jews that were being persecuted by the Nazis. He started rescuing them by issuing them shelter at the Swedish buildings. “He designed a protective Swedish passport and gave it to the Jews in Budapest” (Borden).

Through such kind of protection, they were in many ways out of the reach of Jews and Hungarians that were also against them. Since the actions were not enough, he encouraged other Swedish nationals that had been placed on the same mission to help him rescue the Jews and give them places where they could hide and find shelter. It is through this defining moment that many Jews were rescued from being killed by the Nazis and helped to start new lives in Hungary. Hungarian fascists and Nazis were proving to be a big problem but Wallenberg had the courage and the bravery to stand against the regime.


 Through his efforts, close to thousands of Jews were rescued from the killing in Hungary during the Holocaust. Many people would have died if such an action had not been taken at the appropriate time. Hungary was vulnerable and Wallenberg was persistent to make change in the society and help people see the importance of having the Jews in Hungary as well as across Europe. The results have for long been considered to be successes. Wallenberg has been recognized due to the fruits of his efforts as well as the relentlessness that he had to ensure that they came true.

 The lasting impact for Wallenberg’s achievements is to show equality in the society. Though the Jews were being persecuted and killed in Europe, Wallenberg stood with them throughout the whole time and helped them without minding about their race. The impact has been the same on racism and other social evils where certain communities are isolated and persecuted openly. The impact grew amongst many Europeans who were then able to stand against the Nazis and eventually led to their defeat. The actions of Wallenberg helped liberate many countries in Europe and save many Jews from being killed during the Holocaust.

 Racism still exists in the society and can be tackled in many different ways. Racism has grown in recent years and people still isolate others and persecute them due to their color and origin. The issue still needs to be tackled appropriately and relentlessly to ensure that racism is no longer an issue in the world. Though its fatalities have decreased, the issue still remains a threat to peace and stability in the society. “Wallenberg’s humanitarian achievements live on, a continuing reminder that every individual has the responsibility in the fight against racism” (Swedish Institute).


 Raoul Wallenberg helped many Jews in Hungary to escape from being killed by the Nazi led regime in Hungary. Through his actions to help the Jews, he was able to make an impact in the society. Racism has been an issue that needs to be fought by all means. Raoul Wallenberg showed that it was possible to fight it at all fronts and ensure that people were not persecuted. “Through his actions Raoul Wallenberg gives us a perspective, a framework and a model for its delivery” (Boland). The actions carried by Wallenberg can still be used in modern day to fight racism efficiently.

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