project 7

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Computer Crimes Project
In this unit, in addition to the assigned readings, you have been provided with a couple of suggested reading resources to
assist you in a continued exploration of computer crimes, computer security, and associated ethical considerations. Both
types of resources will assist you in completing this project.
For the purposes of this project, choose from one of the following model agencies:
  a medium-security transitional center with 500 beds, or
 a juvenile probation office in a large metropolitan community.
Your task is to create an informative PowerPoint presentation for community members and colleagues who have little to no
knowledge about computer crime or the available computer security options.
The presentation should contain the following:
 Cover the related ethical considerations about the handling of data—especially sensitive or personal data. The
readings identify some of the ethical concerns, but there are others. Consider doing independent research about
MCJ 5078, Computer Applications for Criminal Justice Administration 7
the contemporary concerns that relate to law enforcement and data. For example, the 4th Amendment prohibits
the police from seeking certain information about citizens unless there is a court order allowing the violation of
privacy. However, there are commercial entities that have “mined” data and could sell that same information to
law enforcement entities. Are there ethical concerns here? What about utility bills and other records pertaining to
services used in a home? Should policing agencies have access to the amount of electricity consumed within an
address? Should Google be assisting governmental agencies by providing search histories from citizens? The
user agreement allows Google to database such information. Is it acceptable for this data to be shared or sold to
 Explain computer crime. Define it using scholarly definitions (and not the casual and incorrect versions found in
casual language). Include the various categories of computer crime and the extent to which each type of computer
crime affects the average citizen, the cost to businesses, and possibly even issues of homeland security. The
discussion should not include stalking or bullying, as these are not within the academic definition of computer crime.
Take care not to confuse or co-mingle the terms cyber-crime with computer crime, as these are not the same thing.
 Inform the audience about the various tools that are available to enhance the security of the data on one’s personal
computer, as well as the personal data that is unavoidably in the hands of varies entities, such as schools,
healthcare providers, utility companies, online businesses, or banks. The audience should be made aware of what
information they are required to share and what is not required—specifically the number of entities that can compel
production of the social security number is far fewer than the number who are asking for it.
Your presentation must contain at least 12 slides that include a transcript of what you would say verbatim to the community.
The transcript would need to appear in the notes section of each slide and would need to contain only the verbiage that is
related to each slide. You are required to include at least five scholarly sources that support your points. Refer back to
previous units (Units I-IV) for clarification about what constitutes a scholarly source and how to access them. See the
other PowerPoint guidelines presented in Unit IV for additional requirements for a professional presentation.
Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

a medium-security transitional center with 500 beds,

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