Professor Alyssa.

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   It sounds like you enjoy working with your team.  As we discussed last week, team-based and virtual structures are becoming more popular today.  I have found working with a team during the forming and storming stages helps minimize conflict down the road.  People who work together can still storm a bit when they get together.  It just might not seem like it if you have good leadership who keeps things moving forward.

You talked about using email as part of your formal communication approaches.  Email and the use of technology are vital in a global team as well.  “Because e-mail messages lack both visual and verbal cues and don’t allow for interaction and feedback, messages can sometimes be misunderstood. Using e-mail to discuss disputes, for example, can lead to an escalation rather than a resolution of conflict” (Daft, 2010, p. 486).  

How would you handle this type of conflict?




Culture can have a variety of effects within a team. My current team consists of members from Boston, the Ukraine, and Hawaii. Building camaraderie in person is difficult let alone over a virtual network. Do you have any specific suggestions for building inter-cultural relationships over a virtual network?



Teaming up to resolve a sales problem is a tough task. By coming together with people who weren’t from the sales department must have had its share of challenges. You being from the sales department arms you with a certain type of information while the others have a totally different type information. How did you guys gather information and how did you assess and apply your findings?

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