Professional Enrichment Seminars: HOW TO GET AN INTERNSHIP

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Professional Enrichment Seminars: Each student will be required to attend a track of five Professional Enrichment Seminars that will be offered during the course of the semester. The purpose of the seminars is to equip the students in the area of cross-cultural communication and to enhance their “Cultural Quotient”. Students attending these seminars will be required to write a 1-2 page paper per seminar summarizing their learning and insights. Students will be evaluated on their ability to explore, compare, and contrast global value judgments and perspectives.

Here is the seminar needs to write: Thursday, March 15


WhenThu, March 15, 3pm – 4pm

Where26 W.61st St., Room 211, David G. Salten Hall, Room 3 (map)

DescriptionDevashree Buch(OW)

Please use simple words and grammar.

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