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Part 1 (Letter): You will compose a business letter to a real company with regards to a problem you experienced either with their service(s) or a product. You will need to research the actual mailing address, as the letter will be mailed out. In a professional manner, explain both the problem and what you are seeking, including well thought out (and specific) reasons why they should honor your request and include all of your contact information.

Part 2 (Essay): You will then describe in detail (3-4 paragraphs – in APA format) specifically identifying: Why you chose this particular company? Does this company have a history of providing poor customer service and/or defective products? Identify the organizational implications of a business who repeatedly handles customer complaints poorly? What do you think the company will do to address your concern/problem? What do you think will be the end result (apology letter, coupons, gift card, a call from the store manager, etc.)?

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