Process innovation is the application or introduction of new technology

Process innovation is the application or introduction of new technology or method for doing something that helps an organization remain competitive and meet customer demands

The innovation process laid the path of the formulation of new and/or existing knowledge into marketable solutions. Companies that pursue a successful innovation process have something decisive that puts them ahead of others – they have designed the path of an idea from generation, through development, to market entry.

The innovation process defines the management of an idea from the strategic search to the successful market launch and its transfer to operative management.

Examples could be from the automobile sector. In the earlier period the assembling of parts of vehicles especially the heavy one where very difficult as automation was not there as it’s now. The process evolved and now everything is machine-based and assembling has become a cup of coffee. The technology helped to reduce the human resource required for this single job hence cost cut was there which can be used for business expansion. The chance of any mishappening reduced as everything got automated. Since the parts are heavy the normal person faces difficulties but when the process automates it becomes easy and fast. The delivery of vehicles became fast as hence it impacted the profit of the company. Hence this is one kind of innovation process where you strategies things and make your process easy.

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The innovative process that has resulted in a significant change in the education industry is the content of the curriculum that is taught throughout the state of Georgia. In recent years, studies have shown that students are not connecting their academic studies with a real-world concept. Moreover, students who moved throughout their K-12 years were more than likely to be academically behind because the curriculum did not match in their new school. Adopting the Common Core curriculum led to success because it allowed for students who move within the state to stay on track with their curriculum, and the new curriculum supports post-graduate success by appealing to real world problems and scenarios. For most public education classrooms in the United States, the question of “What we want students to know?” is answered (most broadly) by the Common Core–a mix of content knowledge and skills (Heick

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