Problem with Drugs?

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  1. Open the attatch PDF file, AY – Do you Have a Problem with Drugs? and answer the 8 questions.
  2. Look at the Your Plan for Change area and do some self-reflection prior to answering the following questions.

RESPOND TO THESE QUESTIONS. Respond to each question even if you are not using drugs.

  1. Indicate how your drug use or the drug use of your family and/or friends is impacting your life.
  2. If you use over-the-counter medications, caffeine or mail order drugs/supplements on a regular basis, describe those.
  3. If you rely upon pain medication or caffeine or other legal drugs, do you feel there are alternative solutions you could explore? If so, what might those be.
  4. If you are not using drugs of any kind on a regular basis, what is your philosophy towards using medications / drugs in the future?

Respond seperately.

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