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In this activity, you will complete a problem analysis for a problem that you think would benefit from applying the 6-step model described in the commentary. This is an individually graded report, worth a maximum of 50 points toward your overall grade. Follow these steps:

  • Identify a problem; it can be a current problem, one that you faced recently, or one you anticipate facing in the near future. The problem can be one that you solve by yourself or one that requires collaboration with others to solve. In addition, it should be sufficiently complex and/or novel to warrant applying the model.
  • Once you have selected the problem, consider each step in the model. Refer back to the information provided in the readings and videos for this lesson, and respond to the questions posed for each step.
  • ****** I have submitted the supporting docs including pictures of the pages 108 and 109 from my Kindle app. Please ask if you need anything else.

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