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please based one the outline of privatization write about 3 pages

no need introduction and conclusion, just need those information that shows below

1) Example of government privatization + Example of successful Privatization

  • Road and Bridge Construction and Operation.
  • Administrative Services.
  • Utilities

2) Variations in privatization

  • Private sector choice for the production of a services. (Entire responsibility transferred from public to private.)
  • Public sector choice financing with private sector operations. (Joint activity of public & private)
  • Deregulation of private firms. (Government reduces or eliminates the regulatory imposed on private.)

3) Privatization Methods

  • Share issue privatization. (selling shares on the stock market.)
  • Asset sale privatization. (Selling entire organization to a strategic investor by auction.)
  • Voucher privatization. (Distributing ownership to all for free or at lower cost.)

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