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Choose one (1) primary source document or image from the ‘Primary Source Reader’ section of Chapter 6 in The American Yawp. Then, compose a one page reaction to the source you chose. The primary source is in every chapter in the book” American Yawp”

Then you will choose one of the factors of historical analysis (political, social, economic, or cultural) for the source you chose and use that factor to analyze that source.

You will need to do the following:

  1. Briefly describe the content, author, and time period of the source you chose. (one paragraph)
  2. Define the factor you chose very clearly. (one paragraph)
  3. Use the ‘E3 format to analyze the source using the factor you chose. (one to two paragraphs)
    • The E3 format means that you need to provide:
      • an example
      • explain that example in different words
      • expand on your explanation with description and other types of detail and analysis
      • just one and a half pages

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