Primary Resource Essay: The Communist Manifesto

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Your book discusses how enlightened ideology challenged aristocratic led governments and became the foundations for social upheaval.  Those enlightened ideas included the notion of Popular Sovereignty (John Locke 1690), Individual Freedom (Voltaire), and Political and Legal Equality (Rousseau 1762).  Read page 616-619 in your book.  Now read the assigned reading: The Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, link here.

Compare and contrast the three major Enlightened Philosophies with The Manifesto of the Communist Party in an essay.  On what points are they similar?  On what points do they differ?  Quote and cite the passages from The Manifesto that support your answers.


Write a 3 page minimum essay (typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font ONLY) comparing the Communist Manifesto with the Enlightenment philosophies of Locke, Voltaire, and Rousseau.  An excellent essay will have clear, concise thesis statement in the Introduction.  Be as analytical and critical as you wish, but support your statements with evidence with quotations from the Communist Manifesto.  Also, be sure to use proper parenthetical and bibliographic notation (Modern Language Association or MLA format).  For example, if you found information on page 699 of your textbook and included it asa quotation in a sentence of your essay, you would put a citation (Bentley and Ziegler 699) at the end of that sentence. You must include citations in your essay.  Don’t just put one citation at the end of the paragraph.  Put the citation immediately following the sentence or series of sentences containing the information.  DO NOT USE LONG QUOTATIONS OVER 3 LINES LONG. You do not need to include a Works Cited page for this assignment.  Be sure to re-address your thesis in a Conclusion.

Late papers lose one letter grade per day late.


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