Present your thoughts on the topic and answer your question.

Develop a Discussion TopicOver the past six weeks, you have covered many topics related to metrics, KPIs, monitoring, and communicating information about projects. Still, there is not enough time to discuss every topic of interest on these subjects. This is your opportunity to develop a topic for discussion between you, your classmates, and your instructor.

  • Identify a topic for discussion related to the content of this course or related through a scholarly article that you read for this course.
  • Present your topic in the discussion board with any background and formulate that topic in the form of a question to your classmates.
  • Present your thoughts on the topic and answer your question.
  • Make sure to check through the week to respond to those students who responded to your question.

Support your statements and conclusions using at least one of this week’s required readings and one current, peer-reviewed scholarly article. Current means that the article was published in the most recent five years. Be sure to include your citation/reference pair in accordance with APA format. Be sure to post a substantive initial post of at least 350 words.

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