Preparing for the Literature Review: Developing an Annotated Bibliography

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Preparing for the
Literature Review: Developing an Annotated Bibliography

Now that you have narrowed your focus to a
manageable topic and problem, it is time to continue your review of the
literature. This week, you will begin identifying additional resources—beyond
those included in the Dissertation Premise—for your literature review (Chapter
2 of the dissertation). Remember that the dissertation process involves a great
deal of exploration and reflection and that your specific focus may shift as
you investigate the current literature. Refinements to the project are to be
expected and are indicative of thorough and questioning research.

The Assignment (4–5pages):

Using the Walden
Library, search for and retrieve articles to support your topic and research

Cite and annotate five
articles from peer-reviewed journals that you would include in your literature
review. In your annotation, be sure to include an explanation of how the
articles relate to your dissertation topic.

As you locate the
articles, it is essential that you take accurate notes on the key points of
each article. The more thorough you are now, the more useful the information
will be in the future. Refer to this week’s Learning Resources for examples and
insights on the literature review and developing an annotated bibliography.

Support your Assignment with specific
references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a
reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for
this course.


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***Here is my Topic
in which to base the literature search and annotated bibliography:****


Payment for service delivery in
healthcare has become a critical factor in offering treatment to post-care
patients. Resource usage and cost factors have become critical in the ways in
which treatment is given to patients (Baggot & Edeburn, 2015). The current
situations are associated with the introduction of Obama Care Act and other
health reforms that are aimed at providing low costs service as well as
reaching a high number of patients who benefit from medical services (Barber,
2012). Different research works are attempting to promote the bundle pay system
as a way of increasing service quality and cost reduction.  Bundled payment involves incidences in which
a single payment is made for all the processes and procedures conducted towards
the treatment of a particular disease (Chow, 2014).

bundled payment can be through all flow of patient in the whole life cycle of
phases of medication for elder who is over 65years. Bundled cost modelling will
be developed that examine different scenarios or cases which can be as follows

1)  Cost
Estimator Model 1 – that coccus on acute care impatient. Cost Estimator Model
will concentrate on acute quality care provided
for inpatient hospitalization.

2)  Cost
Estimator Model 2 – it is a retrospective model that will look at all costs
associated with the care and adjusted from the target/budget price.

3)  Cost
Estimator Model3 – that will work on paying a large sum of the total medical
treatment phases and that will include all
services provided by the physicians, hospital, physicians, and other
consultants and specialist.

The research will also examine first the most critical
illness by looking at number of patients admitted in last 2-5 years and develop
a Pareto chart to choose three of them to carry out the above indicated models
(Berg, 2011). 

goal of this research is to gain some knowledge on the possible effects of
bundled payment through examination of studies. It aims at developing the
possible influences that bundled payment system has had on service and quality
on post care patients and closing the gap on negative influences. Other factors
that are intended for achievement of low cost and cost reduction factors that
would be involved since the adoption of the bundled payment system.

Method of

research method that will be adopted here will be Triangulation, where the
investigation or the research design will use qualitative research to verify
quantitative research findings (Berg, 2011).


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“Mandated Bundled Payments Compel Hospitals to Rethink Post-Acute
Care”. Healthcare Financ ial Management: Journal Of The Healthcare
Financial Management Association.

L. (2013). “Hospital Puts Docs On the Spot to Lower Costs”. NPR.
Retrieved June 13, 2016.

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