Prepare an international marketing strategy for the future three years of the brand;

Prepare an international marketing strategy for the future three years of the brand; product and brand of your choice. The final strategic plan will include the following:

  1. Select one new country market for future market development.
  2. Select one existing country for further market penetration.
  3. Select one existing country for future divestment (exit).
  4. Your selection criteria (Review Chapters 6, 12).
  5. Must include and explain three (3) multi-attribute evaluation tables that include twice the number of countries as candidates) (Review Chapter 11).
  6. Assess cultural proximity and political, legal, and regulatory risks (Review chapters 4, 5).
  7. For the new country to enter, choose the most appropriate market-entry strategy. Explain your reasoning (Review chapters 7, 8).
  8. Choose the most appropriate of the four global product-planning strategic alternatives. Explain your choice (Review chapter 9).
  9. Based on the above and your brand’s environmental sensitivity, propose the degree of standardization for each of the following global strategy elements, explaining any specific local adaptations: Include graphical elements when necessary to convey information, such as tables, graphs, and charts.
    1. Positioning (Ch. 9)
    2. Brand Name (Ch. 9)
    3. Packaging/Product Design and Features (Ch. 9)
    4. Advertising Strategy (Ch. 10).
  10. This writing assignment should be completed in the standard APA format and a minimum of 6 pages, not including cover sheet, abstract, table of contents, reference list, and appendices. Upload the assignment to the proper assignment folder.

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