Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on one of the two tasks listed below (see decription box)

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Course Objectives:

CO8 Discuss how to manage people as a part of the entrepreneurial process


Your assignment this week is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on one of the two tasks listed below. Here are the two scenarios you may choose from as the theme (subject) of your presentation:

  1. You have been asked by your local monthly “Entrepreneur’s Association” to prepare a short presentation that compares and contrasts the characteristics of a strong entrepreneurial leader and a weak or poor entrepreneurial leader. Return to your Reading & Resources section and review the characteristics of strong and weak leaders. If there is insufficient information in these resources, head out into the Internet and find additional resources.
  2. Your boss, the owner of a franchise business, has asked you to do some research on the principles of managing and leading subordinates within the context of an entrepreneurial environment. You are to prepare a PowerPoint lecture that can be presented to future franchise holders. This lecture should cover what you have learned to be the major skills, tactics, and principles of managing people in an entrepreneurial environment.


Include (a) a minimum of 15 slides; (b) a minimum of 3 credible resources; (c) a template appropriate to the subject matter; (d) a combination of artwork, photos, and clip art that illustrates the topic on the slide; and (e) include an intro slide, main body slides, a detailed summation slide, and a reference slide

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