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Each discussion questions need to be 100-150 words. There is a total of 5 discussion questions.

Discussion question 1 –

How was the artistic
style of the Chicago World Fair typical of the Gilded Age?

Discussion question 2 –

How are the changing depictions of women in art related to
the changing roles of women in society?  What are some key examples from
the text?

Discussion question 3 –

How was Mary Cassatt’s depiction of women different from
that of other artists at Chicago’s World Fair?

Discussion question 4 –

Many of the Ashcan artists were illustrators working for
newspapers. Do you think this experience influenced their paintings? Explain
your answer.

Discussion question 5 –

The Gilded Age atmosphere of art and architecture of the 1883 Chicago’s
World Fair stands in contrast to the art of the early American modernists, such
as the Ashcan School.

Describe the difference between the Gilded Age and
that of the Ashcan School. How are they different? How was the art of the
Gilded Age reflective of the culture at the time?


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