Pol 100 homework questions

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You are going to create a one-minute dramatic script. The following is the beginning “setup,” or the start of the story, of the script:

“There are six snakes trapped in a pit.”

Your assignment is to create a one-minute dramatic script from this statement. First, tell me what genre you will be using. Then, create action, conflict, characters, and dialogue. Type up your “play” in dialogue format and submit. Have fun with it. Be creative!


To complete this week’s discussion board, you need to read Othello. A weblink for the play is provided in the Week Six folder. Create a thread and:

1) Discuss the youtube video of Othello. What do you see and hear?

2) What is “tragic” about this play? Give specific examples from the script.

3) What does Iago tell Othello that Cassio did? Why is this an example of tragic action?

4) Feminist theatre critics have said that women are treated as “objects” in Othello? Agree or disagree with this statement and provide examples from the script.



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