Poetry presentation? Just write the what I should narrate and I will say it into the audio recording.

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Step 1: Select one of the poets below and read at least five of their poems. You can find poems online by going to Poets.org, Poetry Foundation, or another source. You are free to select a poet from the list below that was included in the reading assignments or lectures for this class, but do not use poems that I provided for you or discussed in lectures. Please do not select a poet you researched in the past. Use this as an chance to learn about a poet who is new to you.

Step 2: For your presentation, select one poem of between 10 and 40 lines in length to interpret and present.

Step 3: Research biographical information about the poet using academic sources (such as Literature Resource Center), the historical context of the poem (when it was written, what was going on in the poet’s world at that time or at the time of the setting of the poem), and any references or allusions in the poem (for example, if a poem references The Magna Carta, find out what that is and determine how the reference adds to the poem’s meaning).

Step 4: Analyze the poem’s formal elements as presented in the lectures (for example, metaphor, tone, alliteration, form, etc.) and use them to help you interpret the literal and metaphorical meanings of the poem.

Step 5: Use PowerPoint to create a slide show with narration (audio recording). Your presentation should include your reading of the poem and interpretation of it, based on the research you conducted. In addition, include a discussion of why you think the poem remains relevant in the year 2018. Do not transcribe your entire presentation onto the slides. Use a few slides as a speaking guide. Include a slide that lists the titles of the other four poems you read by your chosen poet and a slide listing your sources (an informal list is fine). Your presentation should last between 6 – 8 minutes.

To create the PowerPoint slide show: Open a new PowerPoint file and click on the Slide Show tab at the top. To set up the slide show to advance automatically, click on “Set Up Slide Show” and under “Advance Slides” select “Using Timings.” Then use “Record Slide Show” to narrate your presentation. The presentation should automatically move from slide to slide, accompanied by your narration. The recording is attached when a grey speaker icon appears in the corner of the slides.See the sample in the Poetry Presentations folder on Google. For help, go to https://support.office.com/en-us/article/add-or-de…


Langston Hughes

Claude McKay

Billy Collins

Emily Dickinson

Walt Whitman

Gwendolyn Brooks

Maya Angelou

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

E.E. Cummings

Lucille Clifton

Naomi Shihab Nye

These are the criteria I will use to evaluate your presentation.

1.Was the reading of the poem smooth, powerful, and well-practiced?

2.Was background information given about the poet and the historical context?

3.Were references and allusions in the poem explained?

4.Were the literal subject matter and metaphorical meaning explained using evidence from the poem?

5.Was the relevance of the poem effectively articulated?

6.Was the time used effectively?


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