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Rewrite the attacjed essay

Fix these problems: Work on focusing ONLY on the rhetorical device and how it contributes to theme. Don’t summarize the whole poem in a paragraph. Keep your paragraphs unified.

Original assignment:

Select any one of the poems you have read thus far (of course, you may use any notes and assignments you have completed already!). Paraphrase and explicate it.


Step One: The Paraphrase

  • Create a two-column table. You will have the original poem with the title and author in the left column. In the right column, paraphrase the poem, keeping the perspective and tense, line by line.

Step Two: The Explication

  • Write an essay that clearly explicates the poem. Explain the content/message/theme of the poem and discuss the effect of its rhetorical and poetic devices.
    • The introduction will introduce the author and title of the work. Your thesis should state the central thematic statement of the poem and tie it to rhetoric/syntax.
    • You will need to tackle one stanza at a time, dealing with every line in the poem. Include specific claims, integrated textual evidence, and thorough warrants. Evidence must be quoted and cited.
    • Make sure to include the vocabulary, rhetorical devices, and purposeful grammar you have learned this year.
    • The conclusion should not be a summary. Instead, end by focusing on the concluding lines of the poem to tie everything together, discussing a larger pattern of the poem, or incorporating research and relating it to your thoughts.

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