please watch the movie devil wears prada to answer the following business ethics questions 1

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Movie- Devil wears Prada – make sure you watch the movie

Make sure to answer all of the questions below. In order to grasp the material or for help, please read chapter 2-5. This will help you answer the questions below.

Part 1 just answer the questions, make sure to go into detail as you would in an essay. This presentation will have to be at least 25 mins long. Please provide enough information to answer all of the questions.

Part 2 is an individual essay, needs to be 3 pages double spaced. once again, cite your sources from the text i have posted below. This is very critical part to my grade make sure to not take any shortcuts with this paper.

You should reference from this book REQUIRED TEXTS

Boylan, Michael.
Business Ethics. New Jersey: Wiley Blackwell, 2013.


1)Context/Pretext regarding the film?

2)What questions (ethical) is the director asking?

3)How do the scenes/characters link to each other and to the director’s questions?

4)What are the specific business ethics at stake?

For Instance:

a) Working conditionsd) Accounting Fraud

b) Affirmative Actione) Social Media Policies

c) Whistle blowingf) Surveillance Violations

5)How do the characters respond to these ethical issues?

For Instance:

a) Where do the responsibilities lie?

b) Are the issues ignored altogether?

6)What ethical questions are prompted by this film?


Section 1)Extracting the question(s):

a) As far as you are concerned, what ethical question(s) arose from the film of your/ choice?—parse out the intricacies of the question(s) as you see it/them

b) As far as you are concerned, what ethical question(s) were addressed insufficiently or not at all (but should have been)?

Section 2)Response to the question(s):

a) Having identified and fleshed out your question(s), what are your thoughts?

  • In what ways would you (would you?) claim responsibility for these ethical issues?
  • How does this response square with your worldview?

Section 3)What soft claim can you make toward some resolve of the ethical issue(s)?

Section 4)What new questions arise for you from sections 1-3?

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