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  1. In the first paragraph, summarize the author’s primary points. If it’s a commentary, there may not be a “primary” point if the author is going verse-by-verse through a passage. But some commentaries are thematic, focusing on, say, the role of women, the relationship with the earth, and so forth, that you can name here. I choose the book and I am attaching the only the first chapter. Therefore please read and summarize the first chapter. Then………
  2. In the second paragraph, describe briefly what this resource added to your group’s conversation. For example, did it give insight into one of the study questions? Did it challenge something in the assigned reading from the Course Pack ( I attached that as well) The Well watered Plain (Genesis 13-14). Also below are the group questions about the reading.
  3. In the third and final paragraph, provide your own evaluation of the author’s argument or points being made ( About the book I chose) . This does not mean whether it’s well-written or covers as much as you’d like, but how well the author makes his/her argument. At first, this will be more difficult to do, but by the second round, you will have read and discussed enough to be able to provide an evaluation.
  4. Your resource summary is due by noon on the day after the class session you facilitated.
  5. Provide the FULL citation to the source at the top: author, title, journal or publisher, year of publication.

Group questions: Just look at the for paragraph 2

  • What other options might Abram have chosen to avoid the “strife” among the herders? Why make this offer to Lot?
  • What clues does the text provide in 13.10-12 that suggest that Lot has made a bad choice?
  • What contrast does the text offer between how Lot and Abram make their choice of places to go from where they started, between Bethel and Ai?
  • What relationships do you see between the war story in Genesis 14 and the preceding story in Genesis 13?
  • What trade offs do you see in choosing to dwell where “the living is easy” (but might generate competition for the land) or “off the beaten path” (where life might be more challenging but less competitive with outsiders)?


Try to connect the reading from the book to the reading from ” The Well watered Plain” to write paragraph 2. Also I attached the verses 13-14 from the Bible that might help you writing the paper.

MLA, 12 pt, Please write at least a paper and half.

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