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Drawing project– lines, textures, space, shapes and values-

Start with rubbings and add other elements, like lines or shapes, to create a non representational/non- objective image. See examples. RubbingTextEx.pdf

How to make rubbing textures:

(Put paper over an object or surface and rub with the side of a soft pencil or charcoal or crayon etc. Watch the texture emerge on the paper. Rub lightly at first to see how the texture comes through. Rub on a variety of surfaces to get desired composition. Then add other elements, like line, shapes, etc, to the page if you feel the composition needs it for balance.)

Photograph or scan your image to a jpeg and post it to this assignment discussion by the due date and time.

Then send a critique to one of the other student’s drawings that attracted you. You can view them on the discussion thread. Give them a critique according to the attached critique guide by end of day. CritGuide.pdf

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