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Upholding ethical standards and measures, such as truthfulness, being trustworthy with high levels of integrity, honesty, avoidance of conflict of interest, and objectivity when executing all the duties in the different areas of the workplace is vital (“ACM, par. 13”). Referring to the code of ethics should always be the first step in order to be clear when handling different issues and situations. Professionalism also entails fairness and being unbiased, for instance the employees should not allow personal feelings or beliefs to cause unfair or biased actions (“LOPSA Code of Ethics, par. 1”). In case of accidents or problems, employees should always take fair actions and avoid discriminations. According to the Association for Computing Machinery code of ethics “Prejudicial discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, family status, gender identity, labor union membership, military status, nationality, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, or any other inappropriate factor is an explicit violation of the Code” (“ACM, par. 16”).

In addition, upholding the best communication etiquette possible. For effective communication, employees should always be professional, respectful and should never dominate the communication or the conversation but instead listen intently and be able to code and process what the others are saying. It is essential that the employees demonstrate as well informed, sound moral and principles based on the code of ethics of the workplace. Persons with integrity are ever principled and one can count on them since they behave in such honorable ways even when there is no supervisor around because they comprehend their chores.

Moreover, professionalism in using the computer is also essential, especially when it comes to threatening other employees. Employee should use the computer for the business purposes only. According to Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Employees should not use the computer to harm other people or interfere with other people’s computer work as well as snooping around in other’s computer and using the computer to steal (“CPSR The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics”). Using the computer to harming other people simply means causing negative consequences, such as mental injuries or oppression, especially when it comes to hacking and stealing information (“ACM, par. 9”).

Technologies gave us a big chance to monitor, collect and exchange personal information so easily. given that accessibility to personal and private information could be used in many different ways. Therefore, employees should acknowledge the purpose of collecting the information and compute professionalism when using them with understanding and respecting to all forms of privacy. Also, should acknowledge the responsibilities associated with collecting and using personal information(“ACM, par. 21”).

Personal integrity

The viability and future of any company depends on the personal integrity and actions of its employees. It is prudent and essential for the employees to make decisions towards attaining the goals and objectives of the organization. In this case, upholding honesty as it is one of important component of being trustworthy. Employees should be honest with themselves and other when it comes to qualification to do a duty or a task and be aware of any limitation in their ability to complete a task. Also, it is a violation of the code of ethics if an employee makes false or misleading claims related to the system, fabricating or falsifying data on purpose. (“ACM, par. 12”). As well as exchanging bribes, and other dishonest conduct.

Personal integrity is vital as it contributes to maintaining the company’s trustworthiness and reputation. Employees should be honest in their professional dealings, and forthcoming about their competence and the impact of their mistakes. Also, being open to seeking assistance from other employees when required. Remember that you all work for the same goal and should always learn from other employee’s experiences (“LOPSA Code of Ethics, par. 2”).

Moreover, personal integrity should also be reflected in substance abuse. The possession, sale, manufacture, purchase or distribution of the controlled substances of abuse on the companies’ premise should be avoided in a workplace. The employees should not be under the influence of alcohol, substances of abuse or illegal drugs as this will adversely affect the individual performance, behavior and the general reputation of the organization.

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