please choose and answer only one of the following questions briefly and coherently

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Briefly compare and contrast the “Realism” of Courbet and Eakins, using The Stone Breakers and The Champion Single Sculls as examples (attached). Does “Realism” mean the same thing to each artist?

What does Gautier prescribe as the right path forward for artists in 1848?

What does Baudelaire prescribe as the right path forward for artists in 1859?

For Baudelaire, what is the relationship between beauty, art, and modernity?

What does Griselda Pollock mean by the “sexual politics of looking”?

What is the “double project” of feminist art history according to Pollock? How does her discussion of Cassatt and Morisot contribute to it?

What were the key aspects of Paris as a city that made it such fertile ground for the rise and success of Impressionism?

How does Matisse’s description of his artistic aims and practices and his self-identity as an artist (as described in his writing) align with “primitivism”?

How did artists like Gauguin view the relationship between “primitivism” and modernity, and how did this find expression in their artworks?

What were some of the reasons that artists in the late 19th century became preoccupied with Japan and Japanese culture?

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