please answer these 4 questions

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After watching the Carlton Draught advertisement, answer the following questions.

  1. The lead-in to Chapter 2 discussed the millennial generation. After viewing this advertisement, how do you think this market segment is different from previous age cohorts?
  2. Some marketers feel that grouping consumers into age cohorts like millennials, baby boomers, and so forth, results in unreliable generalizations and that such strategies might not be successful. Do you think Carlton Draught is grouping into age cohorts? What are the pros and cons for doing this or not doing this?
  3. From this advertisement, how would you describe Carlton Draughts target market? What can you infer? Paint a picture of who you think is a likely customer for Carlton Draught.
  4. Discuss the difference between demographic and psychographic segmentation. What technique do you think Carlton Draught is employing?

Each question should be answered in two to three paragraphs

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