Please answer the two multiple choice questions about marketing and social media.

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1-When it comes to managing online communications through social networks,what is one of the greatest challenges for marketers?

a.identifying the demographics of different user groups.

b.acquiring the personal needed to manage social networks.

cfinding the budget to finance social media campaigns.

d.deciding which messages to push out through which channel.

e.separating work communications from personal communications.

2-Marketers have been drawn to social media to promote their companies and brands, many under the misconception that social media is free.Why are many of these marketers discovering that social media is not free?

a.most social media companies build in hidden costs fore marketers to create brand pages.

b.taxes must be paid on the monetary value of the exposure gained online. do social media well there is often a human capital cost of executing social media. media sites charge marketers whenever a consumer clicks a link leaving the social media and going to the marketer’s page. networks require that marketers share the demographics of their site visitors.

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