Please answer the below questions

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Demonstrate critical thinking & analysis; 1.5 line spacing

Writing mechanics include organization, grammar, and spelling

1. What’s wrong with the following note which was sent to a potential customer, Pat Roberts, who contacted an electronics company inquiring about a new laptop:

Hi Mr. Roberts,

Thanks for your interest in the new Halo VII laptop. As you noted, it has 12GB memory and a 1TB hard drive. What you might not be aware of is this baby also comes with facial recognition, finger-ID and password options to handle your security concerns. Free two-week trials are available by contacting our local sales representative.


Harold James, Community Relations

2. Give a real-world example of “bad listening,” include potential consequences resulting from “bad listening.”

3. Of the Four Dimensions of Business Behavior, compare and contrast Dimensions 2 and 3. Provide your own examples.

4. Select one category of the “Factors Influencing Business Communication” and discuss the challenges associated with that category. Provide your own examples.

5. What’s the best method of delivering bad news to an executive? Provide example(s).

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