Please answer each question with respective reference

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Question 1

a) Please research when a penalty clause or other provision of a contract becomes so onerous that the Court will not enforce it. What constitutes an unconscionable contract? What is a contract of adhesion? Can you analyze the landmark case of Williams v Walker Thomas Furniture Co?

b) Please examine the difference between an offer versus simply an invitation to begin negotiations. Also what exactly is a Quasi Contract? What other types of contracts are there?

Question 2

Please research what would be sufficient “consideration” to support a contract. Does it only include money expended?

Question 3

Please differentiate between the assignment of rights versus the delegation of duties. Which would be more serious for a party to the contract and definitely require approval? Why?

Question 4

Please write the “issues” of the case of Case 3 You can refer to the group work i submitted earlier for guidance. You don’t need book with this question .just like u did the proceedure last week.

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