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Consider the following theological definition:

God – df The omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly good being, usually considered to be the Creator .

Note that the theological definition purports to be uniquely specifying in that the employ of the definite article grammatically presupposes that there is no more than one God.

Putting to one side questions of mere grammar, can it be demonstrated the God of monotheistic belief is necessarily unique? That is can it be proven that if God exists, there is exactly one such being?

In your paper you will address the foregoing questions by constructing an argument for the conclusion that there is, at most, only one God.

Be aware that any such argument for God’s uniqueness would be consistent with the truth (if it is true) of atheism.

This is just to say that you do not have to presuppose the existence of God in order to prove God’s uniqueness.

One obvious way to proceed with your demonstration is to examine the list of the definitive divine attributes and try to show that the set or else some proper subset of these attributes logically entail that monotheism is a necessary truth if atheism is false .

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