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1..write a 100 words reply for this discussion.

“You didn’t learn to dance on your first try. Quitting smoking takes practice too.”

The idea of this statement is that everything takes practice, and in this statement learning to dance and quitting smoking are being compared. Both dancing and smoking affect our bodies, are an activity, and can arguably be an addiction. The difference in that addiction is that an addiction to dance would link to someone having a passion for the sport, while tobacco contains substances that make the body become addicted to it. Regardless, to improve in dancing one needs to practice, and to quit smoking, it takes practice as well. Depending on our willingness to practice depends on how long or easy the process will be. It is similar to a relationship. Effort needs to be put into a relationship for positive outcomes, just like effort needs to be put into learning to dance and quitting smoking. I believe the analogy supports the conclusion because both are activities that can either be continued or can be quit from; it all depends on the person’s determination for success.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with buying essays for a class from the Internet. After all, the president of the United States pays someone to write his speeches for him, and no one has a problem with that”

The comparison is that if a figure of authority can get away with having someone do his work, students should also be able to get away with it. Yes both are documents of another’s work, but how it gets presented afterwards causes a great difference. When teachers/professors assign an essay, it is clear that it must be the student’s work. If a student were to purchase an essay from the class, it would not be their own work, and if they do not cite that this is another’s work, it becomes plagiarism. When the president gives a speech, he is working with someone to write the speech with his ideas and does not take full credit. I see why someone would think this, but when breaking it down the argument is invalid. When assigned an essay, students are expected and instructed to have their own words. When giving a speech, the president is not given specific instructions like students are. It is the president’s job to present his ideas in a speech and he does so, but with the help of an assistant.

2.write a 100 words reply for this discussion.

1) We put our beloved pets to sleep when they are very sick and in too much pain to enjoy life. Therefore, we should allow humans who are very sick and in too much pain to enjoy life to die mercifully.

In this argument voluntary euthanasia of the “very sick” is being compared to involuntary euthanasia of pets. The similarities of the argument include that both the pets and “very sick” humans are being put to death. Dissimilarities of the argument are that one may be voluntary (humans) but it is impossible to know if the pets are approving of the decision. Another dissimilarity is that one decision is made by the party that will be killed, while the other decision will made by a third party. Counteranalogies may include that the cost of end of life care may adversely affect the families of sick humans in the way that is unlikely to affect pet owners, making the consequences of limited options greater and that many feel that animal life is not of equal value to human life. I feel that the argument is weak given the dissimilarities of species given that they are incomparable to many.

2) I don’t tell my mechanic how to fix my automobile. Instead, I trust his expertise. In the same manner, I should not tell my physician how to fix my body.

In this argument the author is comparing the trust a person has with the performance of a mechanic to the trust a person should provide their physician. Similarities include that both fields are technical and both are usually better informed to offer opinions to those seeking their help. Dissimilarities include the consequences of failure in performance by doctors may result in the loss of life rather than the loss of property. Some damaged property can be replaced or reproduced while recognizable life and limb cannot. Another difference is that a car owner and the mechanic may be able to have the same diagnostic experience of the problem by driving the broken vehicle while only the patient can tell if a Doctors treatment relieves their symptoms. Counter arguments include that the human body is significantly more complex and fragile that an automobile and are not similar enough to justify comparison, although some people have a strong emotional connection to a vehicle it does not compare to the human emotional bond. The analogy does not make a strong argument because it does not consider the difference between property and life, the limits of a physician senses, the understanding of an individuals perspective and the complexity of a patients circumstances.

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