Philosophy Business Ethics on Moral Rights to Work and Marketing Ethics

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PHL 306 Lecture–Prof’s Notes on DesJardins Ch 6 (Moral Rights in the Workplace).docPHL 306 Lecture–Prof’s Outline of DesJardins Ch 9 (Marketing Ethics-Target Advertising)-1.doc
I have provided the supporting reading to answer the questions.  The answers must be well thought out and encompass ethical arguments or be ethically based.  If it requires an example you must provide a basis for your example.  If it has a why or why not in the questions you must have two sides of the ethical answer. 

1. Why do you buy the products that you buy? Does the desire to satisfy basic necessary needs
such as shelter, hunger, and thirst account for the majority of the
products that you purchase? Do you ever purchase any products that are not
strictly  necessary? (E.g., Are your choices of clothing merely a
matter of having something to wear—or do they express a desire to “look
good,” to “feel good,” to “fit in,” and so on?). Give examples that help
to support your answer. 

2.  Does marketing help to influence, even create, the desire for certain products in the consumer? Back up your response with an example.

3   Do you think that we have a right to work? Why or why not?

4   Which of the three approaches to the right to work do you find most convincing? Why?

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