PHIL110 discussion response

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I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.

What is Knowing what you know now?

Why should you care about critical thinking?

Why should you think about audience and purpose?

What steps should you take gathering information?

What steps should you take in evaluating your information sources?

How will the critical thinking in your field compare with that in another?

What does a good argument look like?

What do logical fallacies look like? Why are they harmful?

What does critical thinking have to do with visual elements, charts, and graphs?

How can you incorporate visual elements into your argument?

What have you learned about critical thinking?

How will you apply that learning?

Student one:

Hello everyone,

The past eight weeks have flown by. I really enjoyed sharing the lessons in this course with my children every week because I find them to be a valuable life skill. Ironically I had a personal situation happen this week that I was able to put my critical thinking lessons to a test. The HOA for my housing development is still run by the building company until our development is 80% developed then they will hand over the association to the home owners. A neighbor came to my house with a petition and flyers of the county planning commission will be holding a public hearing in regards to adding townhomes to our development lowering the value of our homes. Using my critical thinking skills I declined to sign the petition explaining that I would like to educate myself with more information before signing the petition. She showed me that she had 74 neighbors sign already, if she has 100 by the end of the week then they can not build the townhomes. During this moment I started to think about the fallacies she was trying to use on me.

I went straight to the valid source of the county commission office, who stated they are having a public hearing in regards of an application the builders have submitted to set up infrastructure for the final phase in our development with single family home plots. NO TOWNHOMES. In that moment I was so happy I was able to apply my critical thinking lessons in life making smart decisions. I was surprised how many other neighbors of mine signed the petition without looking into the details.

I hope you enjoyed this course as much as I did, good luck with your future courses. Thank you Professor Wyre for being so interactive with our class, always with awesome feedback. A++++ for you!!!!


Student two:

When I take a moment to reflect on past challenges I have faced in my life, the number one factor that has made a situation difficult is the way I think about the situation. My mind can make a situation much more difficult than it may actually be, or my mind can over think a situation which causes me to feel overwhelmed. I have noticed there has been times where I have believed information without checking the accuracy of the information. To overcome my barriers, I need to breathe, relax and not stress the outcome because in the end I do not have control. What I have learned with critical thinking is it is an efficient way of working through problems by expanding knowledge on a topic; it is important to check accuracy of information and take the time to study the information from multiple credible people to really understand it. In addition, it is great to know there are different forms of ways to provide information. I appreciated the fact that I learned how to create infographics because I have never done this before. In learning about the Venn Diagrams, I was able to understand different ways of looking at problems. When studying fallacies, it was beneficial to understand how false advertisement can be so easily overlooked, and a person really needs to think deeply to find the errors in the marketing. This class had creative ways for students to study and provide information. The main thing I learned in this class is how to think in detail, how to take time to understand an entire topic and make sure there is accuracy in the information I am giving myself. We have the power to make solid decisions by being thorough in our thinking We can learn new and accurate information. How we think is so vital to our every day lives and that is why this class is beneficial.


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