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# Persuasive Essay

For this essay, you will be arguing either for or against a topic of your choice. However, I will have to approve the topic.

Take a position, and defend it using reliable data and resources. The success of any argument depends on the equality of the support behind it; gathering support on both sides of a topic is crucial. you will need to bring in at least Four sources, Which can be personal testimony from an interview or material drawn from the internet, books, magazines, and newspaper. At least Two of your sources should be articles like the one’s on the library database. When you use any material from outside sources, use proper documentation of sources and works cited format.

Cluster your ideas about your topic into clearly defined parts ( arguments, objections,and rebuttals ). There are a variety of organizational methods through which you can present your argumentative essay. However, all argumentative papers must include 

1- a position statement 

2- background information 

3- Two arguments ( in favor of your position )

4- Two objection-and-rebuttal pairs, describing an objection to your position that you anticipate from the other side and presenting your rebuttal to that objection ( remember a rebuttal must immediately follow the objection it addresses ), and 

5- a firm conclusion.

Essay should be 3 typed pages, double spaced, and Times New Roman font.

OUTLINE DUE Wednesday, October 12, 2016 

ROUGH DRAFT DUE Friday, October 17, 2016 

FINAL PAPER DUE Wednesday October,19, 2016


please help me to pick a topic 

and please provide me an Outline as soon as possible 

thank you very much,

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