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The purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the accessibility to patients of diagnosis and treatment information.

Begin by working through the Riverbend City: Patient Access to Health Records Mission media piece, assigned in this unit’s studies.

Consider the experience of the patient in the scenario:

  • To what extent do you believe she is responsible for failing to follow her doctor’s recommendations? Why?
  • Who else, if anyone, do you believe should share the blame? Why?
  • Considering the number of patients involved, the various relationships between doctors and patients, and the extent of data that must be maintained by health care providers, what suggestions would you make to improve the systems or approaches and to decrease the likelihood of problems like the one this patient experienced?

This is a discussion assignment. The answer has to have a minimum of 250 words and citations and scholarly references.

The information for Riverbend City is in the uploaded information.

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