Pasadena City College CSI Facts of the Case Discussion

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For this discussion you will present the facts of the case and the conclusions that you have drawn from them. You will then get to see if others investigating the same case and the same evidence are in agreement with your analysis of the evidence and your conclusions.

Post Requirements:

This assignment requires two posts, each completed individually.

First Post – Due Thursday

  1. What is your hypothesis for who committed the murder? What do you think happened to Chelsie Vapolt?
  2. What evidence do you have from the timeline, autopsy, hair analysis, body fluids, blood, and DNA to support this?
  3. What evidence do you have from the timeline, autopsy, hair analysis, body fluids, blood, and DNA that may point to a different suspect(s)?
  4. What facts of the case are you certain of? Which do feel might be true, but lack evidence to support them?

Second Post – Due Sunday

Please read the posts and choose one classmate’s post to which to respond. Try to respond to someone that hasn’t yet received a response.

  1. Do you have the same hypotheses for who committed the murder? If not, what is your hypothesis?
  2. Analyze their evidence and facts. Which ones do you agree on? Which ones (if any) do you disagree on? For full credit, explain your reasoning.
  3. Choose one piece of evidence. What is a potential innocent or alternate explanation, other than murder, for this evidence to have been found where it was?

    Example: The suspect owns an orange cat and an orange cat hair was found on the victim’s coat. However, the victim’s neighbor also owns an orange cat. Therefore, the cat hair could have been from the neighbor’s cat.


To see how this assignment will be graded, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of this page, then click “Show Rubric”. If you’re reviewing this assignment using the Canvas mobile app, the rubric is included in the Grade tab.

While I am not specifically grading you on your spelling or grammar, scientific communication is an important skill. Please proofread and spellcheck before posting/submitting to ensure that your ideas come across clearly. Up to 10% may be deducted for excessive grammar and spelling errors that affect the readability of your work.

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