Pasadena City College Before The Flood with Leonardo Di Caprio Movie Discussion

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Directions: Watch the 2016 documentary movie Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio. After viewing the whole movie, analyze the discussion questions below and come up with a personal response to each. Make sure your responses are detailed and provide explanations whenever possible. If you missed the movie in class, it can be viewed at

  1. Briefly describe your view on climate change. Is it real? Is it caused by human activity? Be honest!
  2. Briefly describe the key pieces of evidence presented in the movie, supporting the climate change argument.
  3. Have any of your ideas involving global warming changed because of this film? Explain why or why not and use examples from the movie!
  4. During the movie, we saw countless ways that our consumption is ruining the environment. What effect on our planet was the most shocking to you?
  5. What climate change solution gave you the most hope for our future? Explain why!
  6. As evidenced in the film, every decision we make can have an environmental impact. What changes are you willing to make in your day-to-day life to reduce your carbon footprint? Be real and honest!
  7. How will you keep yourself accountable?
  8. Every November, we have a chance to elect politicians with our best interests in mind, serving both locally and in Washington, D. C. If you were elected to office, what actions would you take to ensure a sustainable future on Earth for future generations?
  9. This film has an incredible power to change minds and expand the common knowledge about the impact of climate change. Who do you think needs to see this film, why should they see it, and what can we do to make sure this happens?
  10. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of our planet? Explain why!

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