Part 3 research proposal

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Research Proposal Part III: APA Style Manuscript & Proposal

Objective: To use the knowledge gained over Part I, Part II, and throughout the course to propose your own research study

About these assignments: See Part I and Part II

Part III: The purpose of Part III is to write a complete research proposal. This includes a title page, abstract, introduction, methods, expected results, and references section. You have submitted the first two parts of this proposal, but remember it is considered one paper. This means that you can use your work that you submitted in Research Proposal Part I and Parts II for Part III (after incorporating your instructor’s feedback). You have already completed the title page, introduction, and references sections, so you will be adding the abstract, methods (with the subsections shown below), and expected results in order to complete Part III.

Required sections

  • Title Page (COMPLETED)
  • Abstract
    • 1-paragraph summary of your entire study, maximum 200 words, should be completed last
  • Introduction (REVISE)
    • Needs to end with hypothesis that you propose to test
  • Method
    • Participants
      • Describe the participants in your study. This includes describing how many you wish to have, where you plan to get them.
    • Materials
      • Describe the measures or equipment that you plan to use in your study. Are you using questionnaires? Are you analyzing government data (e.g., poverty rates in a city?)
    • Design
      • Describe the type of study you choose to do. It must be one of the following: experiment or quasi experiment (this includes between-subjects or within-subjects designs), survey, qualitative study (e.g., content analysis). Here, you will explain the IVs and DVs and any control variables.
    • Procedure
      • Describe the step-by-step procedure on how to plan to gather your data. This subsection should be concise.
  • Expected Results
    • This should be one paragraph that explains what results you expect to get from your study and includes which statistical analysis you will use
  • References (REVISE)

Review the Sample Methods and Expected Results document before you begin this assignment!


  1. Revise your Introduction and References based on your instructor’s feedback on Part II
  2. Compose a Method section
  3. Compose an Expected Results section
  4. Compose an Abstract
  5. Submit one document (which includes a title page, abstract, introduction, method, expected results, and references) to Canvas

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